Meet The Team

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Pr. Jesse Kueker

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Our pastor describes himself as a "bit of a hybrid."

He was baptized in the Catholic Church in 1987, went to a Baptist University and earned a Biblical Studies degree in 2010. Then, he was ordained in the Lutheran Church in 2015 after seminary.

Pastor loves his family, the church, gardening, running, and gathering around a good fire with loved ones. 

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Some visit Trinity just to hear Leslie play the organ.


Leslie began playing piano as a kindergartener and often subbed on the bench at her church at a young age. Now, she is ours; she plays organ, piano, dulcimer, and mandolin. 

Come and hear a very talented and young musician in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

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Head Elder

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In our parish, many know Brian for his voice.


Next to being a wonderful elder, Brian also serves as cantor at Trinity. You can't hardly pass by Brian without hearing him sing. He enjoys singing the liturgy and hymns to God.

Brian is the husband of Kendra and the father of two wonderful children. He is a real blessing to us!

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TLC Smokehouse

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So, we did this thing. We started a BBQ Food Truck in 2017.

We do it to raise money for local causes and non-profits in our community. Brent runs it, because he has the heart and the gift to do it well. 

Everyone loves his amazing food.

Since inception, we have raised over $12,000 for local causes who make our world a better place.

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Well of Hope

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We house homeless women in our maternity homes. 

And that takes compassion, dedication, and grace, all three of which, Emily, our maternity home director, has in abundance. We now joyfully serve three homes. 

We have given over 30 women a roof over their heads and a comforting place of hope and love for their families.